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is the protagonist and title character of the film.

He is portrayed by Denzel Washington.


A man of few words and many brave and horrible actions is what Eli is. he doesn't believe his identity to be important since he doesn't say or elude to his true name until the end of the film. Eli has been traveling for about thirty to thirty one years, during that time he has formed many survival skills most of which allow him to do things that would be near impossible for a man his age (believed to be late forties to early-mid fifties). 

An unspecified amount of time after "the flash", Eli heard a voice in his head to carry the world's last Bible west to safety, and with that and that only, Eli spends the rest of his life devoted to bringing the Bible west, and at any cost. Although religious he isn't a complete saint. He ignores other people who could be saved because it's whats best for the book, although he wants to. He will kill people who threaten his goal, and seems to even not let up with other protagonists. Throughout the film he makes references to his blindness, as he shows examples of how he smells and hears things much more than the others. He also only shoots after the enemy does, as that's how he knows where they are. One of Carnegie's men didn't shoot, and he didn't know he was there, and walked out of cover. Although he is blind, he claims he "reads every day", as his Bible is in Braille. Eli also is able to see the path and enemies because of God's guidance. 

Eli's armament consists of a sawed-off 12 Gauge shotgun (a Remington 870), his sidearm is a HK45 that has seen many years of combat, he also carries a large Kukuri machete with holes along its blade to help move it faster through the air. This machete is his signature weapon. He also carries a bow and arrow which he uses twice until Salora must use it's wire to strangle one of Carnegie's men.